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Have you ever seen photos of a wedding couple in a uniquely beautiful location (like standing on top of a mountain), and wondered, “How the hell did they have time to climb a frickin’ mountain on their wedding day??” Well most likely, they didn’t! They probably took those photos during a pre- or post-wedding portrait […]

You’re Engaged! Now What!?

February 15, 2017

Holy cow, you’re engaged! It’s real! It’s really happening. OMG! WTF! Whether you’ve been dreaming of this fairytale moment since you were a little kid, or you’re merely elated to have finally found a route to affordable healthcare, you’ve just crossed the threshold into a weird, emotional, crazy, frustrating, exciting time in your lives. Congratulations. […]

The first question I receive after booking a new wedding is “When should we schedule our engagement portraits?” Here are a few things to consider in deciding when to take engagement photos. The Save the Date Factor First and foremost, it depends on whether you need the photos for your save the dates! Most wedding […]

What are Bridal Portraits?

January 22, 2017

Bridal portraits are a popular southern wedding tradition that take place a month or two before the wedding. The session is dedicated to formal portraits of the bride, by herself, in her gown. Typically, a photograph from this sitting is enlarged and framed, placed on display during the wedding and then presented as a gift […]

I’ve been a wedding photographer for 13+ years, but one thing I’ve never done is hired a wedding photographer, myself. That means we’re basically in the same shoes! Hashtag twinsies! So in case it helps, and drawing from my inside knowledge, these are the questions I’d ask if I were hiring a photographer for my […]

I’m guessing you don’t get married every weekend! And when you attend weddings as a guest, you’re probably more interested in having fun than stressing about every detail. Now that it’s your turn, here are 12 tips to help ensure your photographs look lovely. 1. Pad as much extra time into your schedule as possible. […]

Everybody stresses about what to wear for engagement photos, so rest assured: you’re not alone! Here are some general tips to guide you in the right direction… The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and relaxed. If you’re constantly thinking about how the outfit is making you feel, it will show in the […]

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