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Jenna & Michael – Engagement Photos on Film

While I’ve got Jenna & Michael’s engagement on the brain, I just remembered that we shot a little film during their engagement session. Here are a few of my favorites.

We were racing against the sun out in Smithfield that evening, so I unfortunately didn’t get much time to play. But we cranked out a few frames toward the end of the session, and I really enjoyed the results.

Hampton Roads has so many beautiful, inspiring, natural locations, and it’s no wonder that Windsor Castle Park is a favorite among photographers. As with First Landing in Virginia Beach, you’re pretty much guaranteed to run into at least a half dozen photographers whenever you’re out there. When the sun is low and the grass is lush, however, all of the bustling fades away and you’re left with a pastel palette and enough warm sentimentality to make you feel like you’re out there in the fields alone.

For the photo nerds: these are from my EOS-3 at 50mm. All developing and scanning by my team at Richard Photo Lab.


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