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My Approach and Style

I’m a fine art wedding photojournalist who creates authentic, timeless artwork from the most sentimental moments of your life. What does that mean? I’m glad you asked…

Moments, not Mason Jars


I specialize in anticipating your emotions and then artistically documenting the powerful moments that unfold. Any photograph can help you remember how your wedding looked, but my photographs are going to help you remember how your wedding felt.

“Justin captured the most beautiful and intimate moments of our wedding day. The photos are everything we dreamed of.” –Tracy & Ryan

Will you still get Pinterest-worthy photos of all the small details that are so special to you and that you’ve spent so much time planning? Of course! I’m going to photograph the heck out of those as well! You’ll receive beautiful details and priceless moments — the best of both worlds.

It’s your day, not mine


I hear horror stories all the time about wedding photographers who constantly interrupt the day or demand unreasonable amounts of time. That’s not me. Although I will step in and (charmingly) herd kittens when necessary (group portraits, etc), I blend in so well that you will forget I’m even there.

“Working with Justin was an absolute pleasure. He understands that this is your special wedding day, not a photoshoot.” — Jessica & Daniel

I’m able to seamlessly weave myself into your day because I put your experience first and adapt to your specific needs. From the moment you first email me, I begin nurturing our relationship to build an enormous amount of trust with you (and often with your parents and wedding party as well). By the time your wedding arrives, you’ll feel like I’m part of your family, and you’ll invite me in to the precious emotions of the day without a second thought.

Timeless, not Trendy


In 1996, the Macarena spent 14 weeks at #1 on the Billboard singles chart. It was tremendously popular. People thought it was freakin’ amazing. But I don’t think you want your wedding photos to be that kind of amazing.

“His photographs look natural and authentic. They don’t look like they’re covered in Instagram filters from 2009.” — Lindsay & Ethan

I’m a modern photographer rooted in classic, elegant styles, and I shy away from kitschy insta-fads and filters. Producing timeless images that don’t look dated is incredibly important to me. After all, your wedding will be perfect already — it doesn’t need artificial sweeteners.

Artwork, not Snapshots


“He not only captures every moment you were hoping to remember, but also the moments that you didn’t even realize were happening. He is an artist who carefully crafts each photo.”
— Valentina & Happy

Anybody can snap a pretty photo, but I’m trying to create works of art. With my background in fine art and design, I’m always striving to go beyond “pretty” in order to create images that are interesting, authentic, and powerful. I tell stories in my photographs, and I infuse my own emotions and personality into every frame. I aim to create images that make you think just as much as I aim to create images that make you laugh and cry.

Congratulations on your engagement!

Hi, there! My name is Justin Hankins, and I’d like to photograph the happiest day of your life. I have a reputation for taking incredible care of couples just like you, and can’t wait to surprise and delight you!

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