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This is going to be frustrating, but… it depends. :\

I know that’s not the answer you’re looking for. And I know it’s annoying to have to contact someone for seemingly simple info. But here’s what’s up…

Most of my weddings involve travel, and my pricing varies by location. Additionally, many weddings are destination events, which require special handling. Please check your date here so I may send you detailed info.

Curious to see what’s included in every package?

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Please note: I specialize in creating memorable experiences through meaningful relationships. I’m not interested in simply cranking out as many weddings as possible. If all you need is the cheapest photographer possible, I’ll be happy to supply referrals. But if you’re interested in hiring someone who will provide you with the first class experience you deserve, please contact me soon — my dates book 9-16 months in advance.

Congratulations on your engagement!

Hi, there! My name is Justin Hankins, and I’d like to photograph the happiest day of your life. I have a reputation for taking incredible care of couples just like you, and can’t wait to surprise and delight you!

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